Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons on The Astral Plains are individually tailored to each student. All lessons are given in English, however we do offer the option of riding in an Endurance saddle for the comfort of riders who would like to have a little more security. (An Endurance saddle is like a saddle that if half English and half Western. Our Endurance saddles are designed for trail riding so they have padding for extra comfort, and a large pommel in front to give the rider something to hold onto for help with balance.) Our riding lessons focus first on safety for all people as well as the horses at all times. We teach safety measures from the ground when working around horses and when mounted.

When it comes to lessons, after we cover safety, we teach students how to properly groom and saddle their lesson horse (called “tacking up.”) Then, we work on proper form and balance when riding (called “equitation”) so that the rider learns to move with the horse and work together as a team. After the riding lesson, students will learn how to remove the saddle and bridle (called “untacking”), and put away their equipment. Then, the students will groom their lesson horse once again, before having the opportunity to give them a few treats. (Students are permitted to bring carrots or apples – cut into chunks, or peppermints to feed to the very appreciative farm animals.)

Riding lessons last a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Students are expected to arrive on time so that they have plenty of time to tack and untack their lesson horses. (Students and parents who are proficient in tacking on their own may arrive early to have their lesson horse ready to ride when their lesson time begins.) Lesson times may not spill over into the next lesson slot in fairness of all students.

Private lessons must be taken by all first time students in order to be evaluated for their riding level. It is up to the instructor to decide if the student would work well in a group setting.

Private lessons are $40.

Group lessons consist of a group of 2-3 students of the same riding level and are $25 per student.

Riding Lesson Levels

A system for advancement through the riding levels is being developed by a group of students. This allows students to have a way to track their progress and set goals.

Horse Leasing

Horse leases may be available to lesson students. All leases are on site leases ONLY. Showing may be permitted on a case by case basis. All horse leases must also include at least one lesson a week on their leased horse.