Meet the Herd


Smokey is a 14 year old off the track Thoroughbred gelding. Smokey broke a leg on the racetrack as a 4 year old, ending his racing career. I spent our first two years together trying (successfully) to get him sound. He’s been a trusty lesson horse ever since. (Color: Grey. Height: 16.1 hands.)


Deacon is a 12 year old Rocky Mountain horse gelding. Deacon is perfect for introducing people to the world of gaited horses. Deacon has been with me since the age of two. (Color: Black. Height: 15.2 hands.)


Sonny is a 12 year old Rocky Mountain horse gelding. Sonny has a super smooth canter and is my favorite horse to ride bareback. Sonny has also been with me since the age of two. (Color: Chocolate with flaxen mane & tail. Height: 14.2 hands.)


Prince is a 14 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred cross gelding. Prince is the biggest boy of the bunch. He’s not for beginner riders due to his large size and huge forward motion. But, once a student has become well balanced Prince can be a fun and challenging ride! (Color: Black. Height: 17 hands.)


Vegas is a 14 year old grade gaited pinto (grade meaning unknown breeding) although I expect he is a likely a Tennessee Walking Horse or cross. Vegas has a wonderful running walk and he enjoys going fast. (Color: Bay tobiano. Height: 15.1 hands.)


Bandolero (aka Banjo) is a 21 year old Hanoverian gelding. In his former life he was a dressage show horse. Now, he enjoys giving easy going lessons and teaching the fundamentals of dressage to his riders. (Color: Chestnut. Height: 15.3 hands.)

Pancho & Lafayette

Pancho (grey) and Lala (grey & white spotted) are our two 5 year old miniature donkey geldings. They love getting their heads scratched and eating treats.