Here on the 33 acres of The Astral Plains we have several areas for horseback riding.

  1. 80 X 160 Outdoor arena
  2. 50 foot Round Pen
  3. Bridle Trails around the perimeters of the fields
  4. Coming soon - One hour of wooded trails including a creek!
  5. Also planned – a safe fenced play area for children!

Please be advised we do use electric fencing on The Astral Plains. We have decided that electric fencing is the safest for our horses. However, it does require that any children are closely supervised otherwise they could receive a mild electric shock. The electric charge used in our horse fencing is NOT even as strong as a shock you would receive from static electricity in your home! It is extremely MILD as horses are incredibly sensitive animals.

Any white rope that is on a fence line is electrified. Please do not touch it! We do ask that you only bring the lesson student to their riding lesson. However, we realize that is not always possible. So, we are planning on building a fenced play area so that other children can NOT have access to any of the electric fence as long as they stay inside of the enclosed area.

Please, do not bring any animals with you to lessons. We have a variety of horses, donkeys, cats, and dogs on the farm. Our animals are appropriately vaccinated, but we ask that you do not introduce other animals to our home. Our dogs are extremely friendly and love to play with children. If you or your children are uncomfortable around dogs, simply let us know ahead of time and we will make sure the dogs are in the house. Thank you.